A Flash film has been integrated here and shows the silhouette of the Romantic Road from north to south.

Bavarian Way of Life

The people who live in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, in other words, the south of Germany, have a lifestyle that is individual, down-to-earth and very much their own. They are extremely tradition-conscious, sometimes rather rough and uncouth, but, despite all this, open-minded and hospitable. The many events and festivals that are part of Bavarian tradition are a big attraction, especially for travellers from overseas. Main Franconia is the home of the vintners and wine festivals. In the remaining regions, the local population and tourists meet in the relaxed atmosphere of the beer-gardens. A glass of wine or beer soon brings people together and the merriment that follows is often underscored by the resounding strains of Bavarian brass. The atmosphere is particularly lively in the beer tents at fairs or summer festivals.

Markets and fairs have a very long tradition in Bavaria. They offer everything from textiles and traditional handicraft products to farm animals and horses.

Another attraction for visitors from all over the world is the colourful traditional costumes that vary from region to region and which can also be purchased by fashion-conscious visitors who would like to dress in a dirndl or lederhosen.

We Bavarians know how to live