A Flash film has been integrated here and shows the silhouette of the Romantic Road from north to south.

Drinking Culture along the Romantic Road

‘Ein Prosit der Gemütlichkeit’ is a toast visitors are bound to hear everywhere at public festivals and village fairs along the Romantic Road. It is traditionally associated with the tasty beer that is often served in a formidable-looking earthenware or glass jug, the so-called ‘Maß’. In Bavaria, beer is considered to be a basic food. It is brewed in numerous traditional breweries in conformity with the Bavarian Purity Law of 1516.

In Franconia, at the beginning of the Romantic Road, wine-growing can also look back on a tradition of several hundred years. Franconian wine is grown between Würzburg and Rothenburg and filled in the typically shaped ‘Bocksbeutel’ bottles. ‘Alleweil ein wenig lustig, alleweil ein wenig durstig’, (‘always slightly merry, always slightly thirsty’) is a song that is often sung on mild summer evenings in wine taverns that sell their own home-grown wine, in wine bars and at wine festivals. This is where people come to have a good time together to the accompaniment of music, tasty local dishes and fine wines.

The idyllic meadow orchards contain old varieties of apples and pears grown to produce excellent ciders, perries and prosecco. Unfermented they make delicious, alcohol-free, all-natural fruit juices.