A Flash film has been integrated here and shows the silhouette of the Romantic Road from north to south.

Romantic Landscapes

On its way from Würzburg to Füssen the Romantic Road runs through landscapes whose geology and climates vary a great deal. Vineyards and a mild climate are characteristic of the Main-Tauber valley, which marks the beginning of the road. Near Schillingsfürst, the road winds its way up to the hilly landscape of the Frankenhöhe, which offers fantastic panoramic views. It then follows the meandering course of the Wörnitz, the habitat of a large variety of species, and then enters the Nördlinger Ries, a wide basin created by the impact of a meteorite. Near Donauwörth the road reaches the Danube and crosses the river soon afterwards. The journey continues on to Augsburg through the shallow valley of the river Lech, which is lined by gently rolling wooded hills. After leaving this historical city behind on their way to the Alpine foothills, the traveller traverses the flood plains and forests along the banks of the Lech. The road leaves the course of the Lech near Peiting. It is not long before the Alps slowly come into view. The road winds its way through the green Alpine foothills towards the peaks of the Allgäu Alps. The journey ends in yet another magnificent climax when the traveller reaches Füssen on the shores of Lake Forggensee: only a short distance away is Schloss Schwanstein, like a fairytale castle from another world.

It is not only the historical towns that are a feature of the Romantic Road. The romantic impressions and panoramic vistas that accompany travellers on their journey are attractions in their own right.


Landscape Impressions