A Flash film has been integrated here and shows the silhouette of the Romantic Road from north to south.

Culinary tradition along the Romantic Road

The Romantic Road runs through the German States of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg. The cuisines of these regions are famous for their numerous specialties. 

In Mainfranken around Würzburg, dishes are served that harmonise especially well with the dry Franconian wine. 

In the Tauber Valley, which for the most part belongs to Baden-Württemberg, they serve superb Swabian specialties. 

In Franconia and the Donauries the preference is for hearty dishes that may frequently be enjoyed with the superb specialty beers served there. 

The Lechfeld around Augsburg is the region of Bavarian Swabia that serves tasty pasta specialties. 

In Pfaffenwinkel and Königswinkel you will find a successful combination of Swabian and hearty Upper Bavarian cuisine.