A Flash film has been integrated here and shows the silhouette of the Romantic Road from north to south.


The regions and towns along the Romantic Road provide ample opportunities for a large variety of sporting activities. There are countless scenic routes providing different levels of difficulty for hiking, Nordic walking, jogging and cycling. Visitors who have the time can use the long-distance hiking trail and the bicycle trail, both of which run alongside the road from Würzburg to Füssen. There are shorter sections for short-stay and weekend tourists. In addition to traditional cycling tours, the countryside to the left and right of the Romantic Road also offers attractive routes for mountain biking.

The waters of the rivers and lakes are clear and clean and provide every opportunity for canoeing, rowing and sailing. Lake Forgensee near Füssen is an eldorado for water sports and swimming. The Olympic Whitewater Course in Augsburg is the venue for national and international canoeing competitions. As far as this spectacular sport is concerned, however, most visitors will have to be content with being spectators.

On the slopes of the Tegelberg near Schwangau, hang-gliders and paragliders have the opportunity to practise the art of floating weightlessly in the air. From above, they have a spectacular view of Lake Forggensee and the royal castles.

For riding enthusiasts, the Romantic Road also has a good deal to offer, with idyllic bridleways to take them across the vast extent of unspoiled landscape.

In winter, the Allgäu’s alpine foothills turn into a paradise for cross-country and alpine skiers. Perfectly prepared cross-country skiing trails and ski runs of all levels of difficulty are a tempting invitation for experienced and not quite so experienced skiers to spend a day out in the snow.

The National Training Centre for Ice Hockey in Füssen provides excellent training conditions for professional athletes and perfect facilities for all those who enjoy ice hockey, ice skating and curling. And of course there are endless opportunities to enjoy these sports on the frozen lakes and ponds set in a fantastic winter landscape.

Along the Romantic Road, all the aficionados of leisure-time sports and activities will find almost endless opportunities to pursue their sport in beautiful countryside and in professional sports facilities.